Exclusive Photos: Inside the Engine Room Of World’s Largest Ship – Maersk Triple- E





The world’s largest ship – Maersk Triple E has created quite a stir in the maritime industry. These large 18,000 TEU, fuel-efficient container ships are renowned as much for their energy efficiency as their size.


Maersk Line has ordered a series of 20 Triple-E vessels, with 10 now already in or entering service, and a further 10 under construction at DSME in South Korea. The vessel is 400 meters long, 59 meters wide and 73 meters high, boasting a world-beating 18,000 TEU capacity. It weighs in at 165,000 dwt.

The Triple-E’s are designed with a ‘twin-skeg’ propulsion system (two-engine, two-propeller). The Triple-E’s two propellers are 9.8 meters in diameter with 4 blades each. The engine is an ultra-long-stroke engine, operating with a lower number of revolutions compared to a traditional engine. The total power is appr. 30,000 kW per engine.

The hull of the Triple-E is more like a U-shape compared to traditional container ships. An additional row of containers has been added to the Triple-E, giving it 23 rows across its width, compared to 22 rows onboard Emma Maersk. The more spacious hull and extra row provides additional capacity and with the more forward navigation bridge, containers can be stacked higher in front of the bridge without losing visibility. In addition to that, more containers fill the space behind the bridge above deck and below deck, using the space created by the engine room’s position further to the back of the vessel.

The ship has a combination of two smaller engines and two propellers- The two propulsion systems allow for a lower number of revolutions of the engine, resulting in more than 10% energy savings.

Moreover, all Maersk Line vessels on order will be equipped with a waste heat recovery system, which uses hot exhaust gas to provide extra propulsion for the ship. Without this, the Triple-E’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions would be approximately 9 percent higher (Source: Maersk Technology)

Considering the interest and curiosity of the people of these giants, Marine Insight brings you exclusive photos of the brand new engine room of the world’s largest ship – Maersk Triple-E.

Checkout the exclusive Maersk Triple- Engine Room photos below:

maersk triple e engine

A brand new engine, pretty neat!

triple e maersk

engine room world's largest ship

Purifiers – Engineers would love to work on them!

maersk triple e vessel

maersk triplee container ships

triple e 23 triple e 24 triple e 25

triple e 31 maersk triple e triple e 34 triple e 35 maersk triple e maersk triple e

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